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So, uh, the Minnesota Twins hit a lot of baseballs Tuesday night. Like, they had more hits than a vague google search result, more hits than a Rocky movie, and more hits than The Beatles, as the saying goes. The Twins whacked a franchise-record 28 hits to score 20 runs. Yes, against the Mariners, whose pitchers combine for a 4.61 ERA, good for 11th in the American League. Twenty runs scored in a game is, of course, an outlier, but just how much shock is warranted at the Twins’ offensive anomaly?

The Twins offense, as a whole, sits at the middle of the spreadsheet as uninspiring, but not totally unimpressive. The 294 runs Minnesota has scored this season gravitates toward that median, at 16th in MLB. The top four batters in the starting lineup accounted for only eight of the 28 hits total, while the bottom half exploded. Led by Eddie Rosario, who hit three homers for five RBI, and Jason Castro, who had four hits and five RBI, the bottom half of the lineup exploded for the remaining 22 hits.

If you want to parse this as forgivingly as possible, you could translate it to something like, I’m just not sure a bunch of white millionaires would be open-minded enough to listen to someone who didn’t speak English as a first language. I would like to read it that way. It would be cynical, and history would have proved it wrong several times over. But there would be a kernel of truth worth exploring in there that’s a part of a larger discussion regarding America’s systemic flaws and general intolerance.

Even though he was always at the right age for his level in the minors, it’s not like he was ever an especially good hitter. Considering that he’s not Kevin Kiermaier in the field, yes, I would at least furrow my brow in his direction if I were running the Cubs.

What you see most definitely might be what you get, and I’m forever skeptical of players who put up better numbers in a short major-league sample than they ever did in Double-A or Triple-A.

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