Cubs promote No. 2 prospect Ian Happ

While the Cubs are nowhere near panic mode, they certainly have some things to worry about early in the season. They are in the bottom five in the National League of multiple offensive categories, including batting average (11th), slugging percentage (12th) and OPS (12th), and they are in the top five in strikeouts.

That has resulted in a less than stellar 18-17 record and a current fourth-place standing in the N.L. Central before Saturday’s action.

[Andrews and ElAttrache] expected it to be a lot worse than what it was, Price said. That was both of them. They said it multiple times; we expected this to be a lot worse than what it really is.

Price said that the two experts’ explanation for the improvement was simply that his elbow is special.

They were like, ‘Your elbow is extremely unique. It’s found a way to kind of heal itself,’ Price said. It’s pretty neat, bionic elbow,

Perhaps it is that bionic elbow that allowed Price to lead baseball in innings pitched last year.

The Red Sox certainly hope the self-healing arm remains potent, as they look forward to pairing Price with new acquisition Chris Sale and reigning AL Cy Young Rick Porcello in their pitching rotation.

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