he found ways to work some Jerryisms into the conversation.

It is time. As I said the other day, you can only keep guys down so long. You just start watching every day, and when you see what he is doing, he is doing a good job. I didn’t really just watch the individual battle I will watch it on tape a little bit more but I am sure those guys had a conversation. If anybody can give him some good instruction on what they have seen through the years it is going to be Joe, and then it is good for Joe to go against somebody with that kind of explosion and that kind of speed and quickness. …

He has earned it. I can only keep him down there for so long. You have to start pushing him up. He is doing a good job. He is earning it. That is what we feel. We feel like every day when we watch the tape, you keep watching him get better and better and better and better. He is in better shape, he understands our system better and he knows exactly what to do so he is starting to play a lot better.

As noted earlier, Smith was a guest of Jackson’s during practice, and Jackson said that it was a co-incidence that his arrival matched up with Garrett’s promotion. As for having Smith as his guest, Jackson loved it:

Of course, Jones’ storied Hall of Fame career wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t walked into former Cowboys owner H.R. Bum Bright’s office and offered him $140 million for the team.

Jones had a sense of urgency about it, which he communicated to Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson in typical Jerry fashion.

But I knew if I didn’t buy the Cowboys right then there it was I knew if I didn’t grab that damn caboose that it was going to be gone, Jones said. And I was going to spend the rest of my life thinking about doing it.

But even while discussing his early hardships with the Cowboys, when the team was hemorrhaging money to the tune of about $1 million per month when Jones took over, he found ways to work some Jerryisms into the conversation.

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