LeBron James creates internet frenzy after calling Los Angeles ‘home’

LeBron James sent the internet into a frenzy Wednesday with a simple tweet calling Los Angeles home.

May have to make a day trip up there when I’m back home in LA bro!

He has great upper body strength for a guy his age, and that is going to serve him well in the NBA. He has the speed to beat defenders, even good ones, off the dribble. But once he gets into the lane he can handle contact and draw fouls and still have a chance to finish. That is what sets him apart.

The perimeter shooting is the obvious flaw here. He needs to be a better 3-point shooter. He had one decent game from the outside, but you can back off him defensively. He is not confident in his shot and that showed. (Smith was 6 of 22 from the 3-point arc.)

He probably looked better in Utah than in Vegas, they shut him down early. But coming off of screens, that was where he was most impressive. He is long and deceptively big and really gives his opponents no room. So his defense is great, and we knew about that. But I really liked how easily he can curl off screens and knock down jumpers.

He is not great when playing the 1. I thought the Jazz were smart to put him there a lot and see how he handled it. He is not a playmaker, though. He gets room for himself, he can create his own shot. But he is much more a 2 than a 1.

It has not been all roses and lollipops for Porter, though. He grew up in Indiana until the fifth grade, then moved to Columbia, Mo. He stayed there until the 11th grade before he moved out to Seattle to play for former NBA star Brandon Roy at Nathan Hale.

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